LPL London Public Library


London Public Library (LPL) is the brief of an Architectural competition held by Archmedium Student competition, for the Design of a New public Library in London. The site is placed on the Thames River, few meters away from the City hall, designed by the Architect N. Foster in Southwark district.

The project is the result of wide studies on the contemporary Library system all over the Citycentre. The combination of site Surveys, direct contact with Sergio Dogliani (White Chapel IdeaStore Director) and focus on the future audience is taken as starting point to rethink on the total project area and inspire the selection of functions organized internally in the complex.

LPL shows how a contemporary Public Library can be a place to meet, to work, to study and amix of community services at the same time. The inner concentration places are encapsulated in a transparent seed, floating on a enclosed plaza equipped with coordinated functions for the nearby civic services.

Light, energy, technological plant and structure has acutely influenced the design strategies; from the urban planning to the architectural details till the executive aspects, the approach to the project has been taken from different discipline to guarantee a rooted organization behind all the design figure of the process.

The lighting technology and the visual comfort has been deeply analyzed thanks to dayligting analysis to obtain the better architectural organization for the internal spaces and furniture.

Particular focus is dedicated to optimize the energetic plant. The energy requirement is dynamically simulated hour by hour to calculate and determine the interaction between different typologies of spaces with or without the thermal activation of the concrete covering slab.

The structural plate is computed comparing different methodology of calculation and delineating the most critical nodes to overview during the executive process.

London SE1 2AA, United Kingdom
Public Library
2016 – 2017